CTS for Interaction Design Arts introduces you to histories, theories and debates in relation to interaction design arts visual and material culture. It will focus on the development of twentieth and twenty-first century ideas in design and explore the common themes and cross-fertilisations that occur between theory and culture. We will examine design in a range of media and through a variety of representations. These examples will be located in their broader social, historical and cultural contexts in order to consider the multiplicity of meanings and functions assigned to visual culture.

The individual forms of cultural production and interaction design arts and visual media will be related to discourses such as: theories of design and designers in 21st century social, economic and cultural contexts; ethical design practices and design activism; politics of designing for cultural and social identity, including gender, ethnicity, class, age, dis/abilities; narrative innovation for user and viewer engagement and communication; ideologies and practices of design for sustainability.

CTS will enable you to consider the impact of contemporary interaction design arts and visual media cultural production in relation to design, visual and material culture by linking your contextual and theoretical research to studio projects and practice. The aim is to broaden your perspective by positioning design within contemporary cultures; to encourage you to make connections to wider issues and contexts; and to provide you with an introduction to the theoretical tools and methodologies that will open up your frames of reference. CTS will support you in the development of research methods and written and oral communication skills.

Contextual and Theoretical Studies Coordinators: Dr. Mark Ingham and Dr. Ian Horton


Interaction design requires designers to work fluidly in a multidisciplinary design environment across narrative, moving image and film-making, alongside processes such as design prototyping and physical computing. Interaction designers increasingly work at the intersection of the physical and the digital and often work at the research and development stage of innovate products, services and communications.

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts is a multidisciplinary design course working with multiple mediums to craft purposeful communication and experience.
This experimental media and design course trains designers to uncover and explore self-directed creative practice and encourages the development of a diverse design portfolio from a critical perspective.

You will develop a personal perspective from which to answer complex design problems embracing approaches such as critical design and exploring design for social change.



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